Widespread online piracy in South America generates 789 PB per year

Widespread online piracy in South America generates 789 PB per year

TCYK - Widespread online piracy in South America generates 789 PB per year2Netnames just released a comprehensive report about the scope of online piracy in South America following the global report “Sizing the Piracy Universe”, which was published two years ago. The report concludes that in a period of a month, nearly half the population from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela has visited pirated sites and services. It reads “Of the approximately 222.3 million Internet users in South America, nearly 50%, or 110 million, accessed a site that distributed pirated audio-visual content by means of either a cyberlocker, peer-to-peer network or illegal IPTV streaming site.”

It may seem like BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer traffic generates more bandwidth and receives more visitors, but contrary to the worldwide picture, direct download sites get more traffic. South American pirates transfer 789 petabytes (PB) or 2.3 million gigabytes per year. Here’s the breakdown:

  • cyberlocker traffic – 442 petabytes
  • peer-to-peer traffic – 265 petabytes
  • data pirated from live IPTV broadcasts – 82 petabytes

However, South America’s bandwidth numbers pale in comparison to North America’s 20,000 petabytes and Europe’s 26,000 petabytes per year. Still, for an underdeveloped internet structure, 789 PB is a considerable proportion and could result to increased piracy once internet speeds up.

Senior Vice President of DIRECTV Latin America Michael Hartman believes that the report is essential to raise awareness. He said “Online piracy represents a significant threat to the protection of intellectual property rights. This is the first step necessary to raise awareness of the problem. It will enable Alianza members to educate others about the problem and develop strategies to combat this form of piracy.”

This is good news for all copyright groups, including TCYK LLC, because the report is expected to serve as an important lobbying tool to encourage local lawmakers to finally take steps to prevent copyright infringement.

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