Top service providers used by SA online pirates

Top service providers used by SA online pirates

TCYK - Top service providers used by SA online pirates2
The largest IT website in South Africa called MyBroadband conducted an online survey that was completed by 2,385 IT professionals and computer savvy South African broadband users. The 2016 South African Online Piracy Survey revealed that the most popular service providers among South African pirates are Afrihost, Telkom Internet, and Vox Telecom.

Survey Results

  • 65% of the respondents said they pirated copyrighted materials such as pirated music, TV shows, movies, games and software over the last year.
  • Local pirates prefer fibre-to-the-home, Telkom’s ADSL and VDSL services, Telkom’s ADSL and VDSL services, and other fixed broadband connections.

It’s no surprise that most pirates in South Africa (SA) choose the products mentioned above because of the high data limits at a comparatively low cost than other broadband choices. In addition, there’s also an almost even split of capped and uncapped accounts among online pirates according to the survey and SA internet service providers (ISPs) offering low priced capped accounts with large data caps is a good contributing factor. Generally, even regular internet subscribers prefer decent packages. Sky, which was involved in one of TCYK LLC’s cases, had a similar issue and now they are slowly losing more customers because of their price hikes and expensive service packages.

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