Oscars online piracy triples every year

Oscars online piracy triples every year

Since Oscar-nominated movies have limited shows or are not released in certain places, some film fans say that illegal downloading is the only way to watch them. An Oscar win may influence a movie’s popularity, but it doesn’t change the unfortunate fact that not all people like to pay to watch films. So while movie fans complain about not having too many options to watch all movies from the Oscars, online piracy affects the business of cinema owners.

The number of online downloads skyrockets as soon as the list of Oscar nominees is released. But actually, the movie’s popularity is determined by its rank on BitTorrent networks. The Revenant, which has won Leonardo DiCaprio his first Oscar, for example, was the most popular last year. Every year, while pirate downloads soar after the announcement of nominations, it triples after the awards night.

It’s hard to tell where the source for the Oscar movie leaks, but industry insiders say that pirates strike when DVDs of the movies are submitted to the voters during awards season. A download is already a lost sale, so imagine how much damage the non-blockbuster films get, especially those with less famous leads. This is why online piracy hurts the entertainment business and we, at TCYK LLC, can help protect the rights of copyright holders.

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