Hollywood has found a way to beat piracy

Hollywood has found a way to beat piracy

TCYK - Hollywood has found a way to beat piracy2Piracy is such a complex issue that it’s hard to say just how much it costs the entertainment industry. But Hollywood has been planning to win from this on-going war against digital pirates. They are now banking on the rise of online media streaming where people watch videos wherever they are, whenever they want with just a press of a few buttons.

Recently, some internet users are slowly losing motivation to illegally download copyrighted materials because of the availability of streaming media providers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. There are a lot of benefits in paying for a monthly subscription to access content legally, including:

  • unlimited access to content
  • high quality version
  • reliable delivery
  • not hurting artists and rightsholders

MPAA’s Vice President of Strategic Communications Howard Gantman said “One of the best ways to combat piracy is to make more legal content available to consumers online, which the industry is aggressively doing. There are currently more than 450 legitimate services available to access content around the world, and over 115 in the U.S. alone, with more options coming online almost every day.” However, more options don’t necessarily mean more accessibility. Consumers may find that more providers are rather confusing.

Still, now that disc piracy has mostly been contained, it’s great that Hollywood continues to address other means of piracy. Along with other anti-piracy groups, TCYK LLC constantly updates internet users about the dangers of piracy. Nowadays, enforcement of copyright laws and key technological advancements are intensified. For example, there’s such a thing called Cinavia, a watermark that prevents the playback of pirated materials. And also last year, the MPAA launched wheretowatch.com, a website that provides information on legal content providers and prices.

Hopefully, all these movements will be enough to discourage everyone from downloading illegally.

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