BBC WM report: Pensioner allegedly uploaded TCYK film on torrent sites

BBC WM report: Pensioner allegedly uploaded TCYK film on torrent sites

TCYK - BBC WM report Pensioner allegedly uploaded TCYK film on torrent sites2

An 82-year old pensioner named Patricia Drew from Bilston, West Midlands received “letters before action” from Hatton and Berkeley, a virtual office company representing TCYK LLC in the UK.

This was reported last week on BBC WM 95.6, with Adrian Goldberg interviewing the defendant’s daughter in law, Ms Shiela Drew, as well as Hatton and Berkeley’s representative, Mr Robert Croucher.

Patricia’s IP was captured last January uploading “The Company You Keep” film to free torrent sites.

“She’s living alone… she doesn’t have a clue what file sharing means… what a torrent is”, Shiela said during her BBC radio interview.

Although this is the case, TCYK insists that the kind of torrent tool Patricia’s IP made use of had to be smartly installed in the PC, and is impossible to use “accidentally”.

“The most likely outcome is Wi-Fi”, said an IT expert who was also interviewed on Adrian Goldberg’s segment. Another possible cause that a listener pointed out was that Patricia might be using an old router, which usually has the same, easy-to-guess password.

In defence of TCYK, Robert Croucher stated that the letters sent did not “demand” payment, but rather presented possible costs in case the defendant wouldn’t give a response within 28 days. He also added that the letters they are sending on behalf of rights holders follow CPR or Civil Procedure Rules approved by the UK’s high court judge.

TCYK doesn’t ignore the possibility that Patricia may not really be the one who committed the illegal file sharing; however, the defendant should still be able to give a response as Citizens Advice Bureau says:

“You should respond to the letter before action, within the 28-day time limit, saying whether you admit the claim, deny the claim or whether you need more information before making a full response. You must respond to the person who sent the letter, and not the internet service provider (ISP).”

“Don’t ignore the letter before action.”

We here at TCYK LLC want to thank BBC and Mr Ian Austin (Labour MP – Dudley North) for addressing the issue publicly as we are still very concerned about the theft of our intellectual property. We are more than happy to engage in further discussion with any MP or Media representative regarding this matter.

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