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The Company You Keep tells the story about the group Weather Underground, the 1970s anti-war protesters turned radical terrorists. Labelled “Weathermen” by the press, they broke laws, endangered lives by blowing up government buildings, then went into hiding for years to escape from prosecution and reinvent themselves. Until one of them, Sharon Solarz (Susan Sarandon) gets recognized from a Most Wanted poster and arrested at a gas station in New York. However, suspicions from an ambitious rookie reporter Ben Shepard (Shia LaBeouf) arose when Robert Redford’s character James Grant, a single father, respected Albany civil rights attorney and former radical, refused to take Solarz’s case. As the world of newspaper continues to be very competitive, Shepard persuades his editor (Stanley Tucci) to let him pursue his hunches. With the young reporter and the FBI in hot pursuit, Grant leaves his daughter (Jackie Evancho) with his brother (Chris Cooper) to go on a fact-finding mission to clear his name. The movie mixes politics, action and even identities.

According to the-numbers.com, below is the movie’s box office performance/sales:

  • Domestic – $5,132,442
  • International – $8,500,007

source: http://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Company-You-Keep-The#tab=summary



Robert Redford (Jim Grant / Nick Sloan)

Shia LaBeouf (Ben Shepard)

Julie Christie (Mimi Lurie)

Susan Sarandon (Sharon Solarz)

Nick Nolte (Donal Fitzgerald)

Chris Cooper (Daniel Sloan)

Terrence Howard (FBI Agent Cornelius)

Stanley Tucci (Ray Fuller)

Richard Jenkins (Jed Lewis)

Anna Kendrick (Diana)

Sam Elliott (Mac Mcleod)

Brit Marling (Rebecca Osborne)

Brendan Gleeson (Henry Osborne)

Production and Technical Credits:

Director (Robert Redford)

Screenwriter (Lem Dobbs)

Based on the novel “The Company You Keep” (Neil Gordon)

Producer (Nicholas Chartier)

Producer (Robert Redford)

Producer (Bill Holderman)

Executive Producer (Craig J. Flores)

Executive Producer (Shawn Williamson)

Director of Photography (Adriano Goldman)

Production Designer (Laurence Bennett)

Editor (Mark Day)

Costume Designer (Karen Matthews)

Composer (Cliff Martinez)

Casting Director (Avy Kaufman)


Genre – Drama | Thriller

Country – USA | Canada

Language – English

Release Date – 26 April 2013 (USA) (See full list)

Also Known As – Causas y consecuencias (See full list)

Production Company – Voltage Pictures, Wildwood Enterprises, Brightlight Pictures

Runtime – 125 mins